PMS, pregnancy & menopause

Did you ever doubt it? Women have problems with sleep that are unique to them alone:

PMS: 21% of menstruating women report trouble sleeping at least a few nights a week due to “that time of the month.” The number one reason cited: water retention and bloating. The major side effect: insomnia and subsequent daytime tiredness.

Pregnancy: 78% reported disrupted sleep during pregnancy. Difficulty falling asleep and difficuly staying asleep were the number one complaints. How do women cope with the sleep loss? 75% take at least one nap a week.  31% say they experience daytime sleepiness, while 84% experience insomnia symptoms at least a few nights a week. 

Menopause: 21% of women respondents reported hot flashes during sleep. Hot flashes disturbed sleep at least a few times a week! The most common complaint of women—overall—in relation to sleep? “Unrefreshed upon awakening.”

Source: The National Sleep Foundation’s 2007 Women and Sleep Poll

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