nasal CPAP supplies

Many Nasal CPAP users are not aware that they are eligible to receive new masks, tubings, headgears and filters for their CPAP devices every six months—according to the minimum standards set by Medicare and adhered to by all commercial insurance carriers.

Nasal masks, headgears, tubings and filters are all considered “disposable” supplies by your insurance company—which means that they expect these items to wear out and need to be replaced on a regular basis. There are two good reasons for ordering new supplies from your homecare provider. The first is because you want to maintain your Nasal CPAP device—including the masks and headgear—in optimum running condition. Remember, the Nasal CPAP is a medical device—and it’s also a device you’re spending a lot of time with. Keep your gear clean and up to date. If you are having problems with the fit of the mask or headgear that you are using—ask your homecare provider to see what new products are available that will address your specific complaints or problems.

Second—it’s always prudent to have a back-up mask in case you accidentally break the one you currently are using—or find that the dog has chewed it up. This way, you won’t have to wait several days—and go without your CPAP—while you wait for a replacement to be delivered or to arrive in the mail.

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