sex and snoring

What - you may ask - is the connection between sex and snoring? (Other than one often follows the other?)

Plenty - according to Janet Myers, a researcher at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. And the news - surprise - is not good for snorers.

Myers recently conducted a study in which 29 men and 3 women with sleep apnea - a sleep disorder characterized by loud snoring and suboptimal oxygen levels during sleep - rated their sexual performance. After treating the group with Nasal CPAP - a mask worn during sleep that eliminates snoring and which ensures full oxygenation - she re-tested the group. The group reported improvement in two important categories - increased sexual drive and increased ability to orgasm.

It's not rocket science. After all, everything works better when we've had a good night's sleep. But if your bed-partner snores, and if your love life seems to have passed you by recently, consider the evidence. There may be a connection.

If you need one more reason to see a doctor who is a specialist in sleep disorders, perhaps this study will encourage you. After all, you've got more to gain than just a quiet night's sleep!

Snoring: It's no joke!

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