wives of snorers!

Wives! Are you tired of being kept awake all night by “you know who’s” snoring? Are you tired of wearing ear plugs, of the constant tossing and turning of your bedpartner, of sleeping in separate bedrooms? Do you miss your honey and want him back??

If any of the above scenarios sounds like your typical night in bed with your man (or not in it), it’s time to take action! Make a doctor’s appointment with a sleep specialist (visit http://www.sleepcenters.org/) and then use all your charm, bluster and guile to get him to go! Because you both are going to benefit!

Did you know that couples usually put up with a sleep disorder—on average—for five years—before they finally decide to get treatment? Don’t be part of this statistic! More importantly, don’t sacrifice five years of your life to the debilitating drone of a sleep disorder. Call today, and get your honey back where you want him. In your bed—sleeping like a baby!

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