i snore

Hi D’Andre—

If you are constantly tired throughout the day, then I think you should schedule an appointment—today—with a physician who is
a specialist in sleep disorders medicine. The best news about having a condition like sleep apnea is that it is very easily and effectively treated. You most likely have had sleep apnea—and been tired—for several years. You won’t believe how good it is going to feel to get rid of the tiredness—so don’t delay!

Snoring does not mean deep sleep. It is always an indication of increased resistance in the airway. In your case, your difficulty breathing is causing your oxygen levels to drop during sleep. This forces your brain to awaken you repeatedly during sleep to open the airway so you can take deeper breaths so that you keep your oxygen level up. These arousals fragment and lighten sleep, and cause you to be tired during the day. You are thirsty during the night because you are mouth
breathing and trying to suck air through a partially closed airway. You are awake during the night because the arousals for air constantly are interrupting your sleep.

There’s no mystery to sleep apnea; it’s very well understood. Make that appointment today! You’ll be glad you did!

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