ouch! I hit my head!

I started my night’s sleep thinking of spiders. I knew there were no spiders in my bed, or for that matter on my feet. Regardless, I kept thinking there was as I was drifting on and off to sleep. I pulled the covers off of me 3 times to check. The spider I was dreaming or thinking about is what we call a “Daddy Long Legs.”

(We had company over a month ago and a person said that a daddy long legs was a poisonous spider).

I finally got through that part and in early morning, around 6:30am, I found myself dreaming that I was going to step on a snake in some type of garden. I jumped in my dream. The next thing I knew I was throwing my covers off of me as I tried to get away.

I did get away from the snake but I hit my head, leg and arm on my end table with such force that now I have a giant bump on my head—and a cut. I don’t recall how I did this. What I do know it was a life and death situation. I guess that is what bothers me the most.

I can’t figure how I hurt myself in all those places when I was still asleep. (I think?) I yelled out in pain, and then realized I was alone since my husband had gone to play golf. I was so sleepy that I went back to sleep. I awoke later to a giant bump and pain.

I do live in the country and my neighbor just killed a snake a week ago, but I was so shocked by the intensity of the dream and what I did to myself in the process. Was this just dumb luck?

— Mary Ann, Age 49, Canton, GA, USA

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