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Hi Jennifer - 

It’s not true, because a lot of people have dreams where they fall and hit the ground and bounce right back up. And some people have dreams where, instead of hitting the ground, they just keep on falling - right through the earth - until they are deep underground, and their dreams move on to new adventures! 

This “folklore” about dreams most likely is the result of the common observation that most people, when they dream about falling, usually wake up suddenly - just before they hit the earth. Naturally this has led some people to wonder.... What would happen if I really hit the earth? Would I be hurt? Would I die? 

Another common “myth” about dreams is that - if we dream of dying - then we will die in real life. But this isn’t true either. People dream of dying all the time - it’s a very common dream. “Dead” dreamers watch their funerals, they see their relatives and loved ones after they have passed on - and then they wake up, warm and toasty in their beds - very much alive - and wondering about that strange dream they just had! 

Thanks for writing in with a good question!!

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