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I had two strong dreams within a three-day period...

Dream 1:

I was burying a horse. I was digging the grave with someone else but there were worms all over my feet so I stopped digging. When I turned around, the horse was buried and all you could see was the fresh dirt and a wooden plank path—built upon its grave. Then I woke up. I remember also having some kind of healing dream that night where I was healing people...

Dream 2:

I was a man with a tribe from the Middle Ages in today’s society. I was recalling our story to the ‘president’ (not Bush; kind of looked like Picard on the Enterprise). Anyway, the story I was recalling was of our tribe and how we came to be. We were in a field and at first our people would only wound each other in battle. Then the King decided that it was okay to behead in battle. So after a battle in which I beheaded about 10 men with one swoop, the field was full of heads but they were alive and talking. The heads were praising the King for his decision to behead and were happy. I finally agreed that we should burn the bodies of these heads so to clean the field.

Then I was back in ‘today’ and the tribe was asking me if we were now to listen to the current King or the President (Picard). I told them that England now had a Queen and we were to listen to both since they were all wise. Then Picard proceeded to heal the people in our tribe with disfigurements or illnesses, including a monkey that was disfigured. Then I awoke. Throughout this whole dream we were in some kind of medieval attire, as if we’d just been through some time warp or something.

I have no idea what these dreams mean. I have been struggling with a decision to terminate a relationship with my boyfriend, but it doesn’t all seem to stem from this. Also, I am a single divorced mom with a 2 year old and a 10 year old, both boys. 

—Anonymous, Age 31, Divorced (10 yrs), USA

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