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1.  Type the key dream symbol into the search box on our homepage.  The key dream symbol is the person/creature/thing (animate or inanimate), location or action that stood out most in the dream.  If there was more than one, explore the meaning of each. If your specific symbol does not appear, input what it is more generally (for instance, if the symbol is an type of animal, but it doesn't appear, type "animal" into our search engine.) To listen to our dreamcasts, you will need to login. Registration is fast, easy and 100% free, like our entire website. Register here.  

2.  Try our Dream Wizard® for young dreamers, which does not require registration or login.

3.  Read our dream FAQs and dream interpretation tips & traps, which provide a good overview of how dreams work.  For podcasts about dreams, check out the Dream Lesson and Sleep Lesson categories in our Dreamcast Library.

4.  For a text definition of a dream symbol, use our Dream Dictionary.  For an audio definition of a dream symbol, explore our Talking Dream Dictionary and Dream Symbols in Depth categories in our Dreamcast Library

5. To understand how dream symbols work in dreams, explore our typical dreams and their interpretations or the Symbols in Action in our Dreamcast Library.  Each contain the most common dream symbols and examples of waking life situations that generated them. 

6. Our DIY section contain all of the text and audio resources and links you need to explore the meaning of any dream, occurrence during sleep or sleep disorder.

7. Visit our Dream Forum. There, you can search for dreams like yours and their interpretations.  As a registered member, you can post questions, dreams, sleep issues and interpretations or give feedback to others who hav.  Registration is quick, easy and free.  Just click here.

8. If you really get stuck, we offer a personalized dream interpretation service for a reasonable cost. For more information about it, click here.

Remember, dreams are not about your future. They are about your present. They reflect your feelings, thoughts and awarenesses about your waking life at the time of the dream. When exploring their meaning, be sure to consider your feelings IN the dream, because feelings in dreams are never disguised. In other words, how you feel in the dream is how you are feeling about the subject of your dream in waking life. As your feelings about what is important in your life change, so will your dreams. Knowing that, you are much more likely to make better decisions in your life.

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