recurring dreams

Recurring dreams reflect feelings and awarenesses that have not been successfully resolved in your waking life. They are caused by a waking life issue that is either unaddressed, unresolved or recurring in your life.  Common examples include the sudden loss of a loved one or an abrupt end to a romantic relationship.  We wish the situation could have ended differently, so we tend to replay it in our minds.

If uncertain as to the cause of a recurring dream, think back to what was going on in your life when the dream first started.  Because feelings IN dreams are never disguised, how you felt IN the dream is how you feel about its subject, so ask yourself where in your life are you feeling as you did in your dream. Once you identify the cause and address it, those dreams stop... or at least until that issue or one that cause you feel the same way recurs in your life.

Sometimes a recurring "dream" is not a dream at all but an occurrence during sleep, which is caused by a physiological issue as opposed to a psychological one.  These are often symptomatic of a sleep disorder, such as a night terror or confusional arousal, sleep paralysis or sleep apnea

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