haunted by a ghost!

Background information: I have been married 2 times. My ex is deceased.

In my dream there usually is a male figure, always in black and dull white, that enters my bedroom, who either sits down on the side of the bed or gets in bed behind me. Then he pushes so hard on my back or stomach that I cannot breathe. (I do not know who this is -- all I can pick up on is that he is male.)

It is like he is taking all of the air out of my body. I wake up confused and the dream seems so real that it is scary. (Also, this only happens when my husband has already left for work or is outside of the house. It does not happen when he is home.) I have had this dream on several different occasions. This morning the thing entered the room from a door behind me, and let me know he was the same person.

Please help me understand this. Is this my ex coming back for me? I do not like him.

—Evelyn, Age 62, Married, Jacksonville, FL, USA

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