sleep talking

I’m a gay man, 27 years-old. I’m in a 8-month monogamous relationship with a 21 year-old. Our relationship has been plagued with problems between my current boyfriend and several of my ex-boyfriends. It seems that my ex-boyfriends have problems accepting that I’ve moved on.

But, here’s the problem. I am a sleep talker. On at least two occasions, my boyfriend has informed me that I was dreaming about having sex with my most recent ex. Although I’m still physically attracted to my ex, I can’t fathom dealing with his personality and immaturity.

I really love my current boy friend. However, I have doubts about the future of the relationship. For example, he doesn’t work and stays at home during the day. However, I can’t get him to do simple things like cook or help keep the house clean.

Because of my dreams, the relationship is more stressed than ever. Why am I having these dreams? Is it that I really want to be with my ex? Or are they the results of the problems in my current relationship?


—Anthony, Age 27, Male, Single, Orlando, FL, USA

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