staying power

Thirteen months ago, circumstances brought me home to my parents, away from my friends and work. It also created a lot of stress in my life, creating a traumatic situation. All this turmoil led to the end of my 11-month romance. Since then, I dream of my ex-boyfriend constantly (he left me, so this makes sense to me), and in every dream he and I reunite. In each dream, he comes back to me and we resolve the problems that erupted when I was acting like a basketcase.

I have been doing really well lately, but he has told mutual friends that he does not want to discuss me or, even, be in a room with me. He’s not seeing anyone.

Are my nightly recurring dreams of intense reunions simply wishful thinking or my subconscious “begging me” to seek reconciliation? I don’t know if it’s relevant, but these dreams always feature all the friends we shared while we were together, along with (and I know this is weird) deer.

Any ideas? Am I just eating weird things before bed? 

--Anonymous, Age 21, USA

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