swept away

I have had dreams with former lovers. A few years ago, my first love used to figure prominently in these dreams. Recently, it has been my second love.

The dreams basically are the same. I see them and try to meet up with them. It takes a few dreams until I actually talk to them. We end up falling in love again, and I actually experience very strong emotions in my dreams—of love and romance. We hug or kiss, but we never have had intercourse. We’ve come close to it, but it never has happened over the years.

First I want to run away with my lover, but he can’t, because he is committed to someone else. However, in a recent dream, he wants me desperately, but I tell him I cannot leave my husband, because I have to think of my 2-year-old daughter. We start to kiss and I am swept away, literally too. We are on a small boat. I am wearing a raincoat (yellow) and holding an umbrella and it is lightly raining. It is a very soft, comforting rain and not unpleasant. The boat gently sways.

I tell my former love that I will leave with him and I will just have to fight very hard for custody of my daughter. Also, he is married to a gorgeous redhead, who is very "modelesque," and who he says he can easily give up for me.

I wake up feeling sad, with such a feeling of longing. It’s very strong. I want to be with this person when I wake up, although in reality, we split up because it wasn’t going to work, and it wouldn’t now. There were things I didn’t like about these former lovers.

My husband is wonderful, and we have a good relationship, but the only complaint I have is that he is not romantic enough. My two previous lovers were very romantic and wrote me poems, etc. So I think I understand how that fits in with the dream. However, this feeling of longing I wake up with is so overwhelming.

I have this dream on the average, once a week. Its very common, especially recently. It’s driving me crazy and I want it to go away! 

—Anonymous, Married, Female, USA

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