sex on my mind

Hi Mandy - 

I think the sliding board is symbolic of the act of making love. In the dream you are sliding on it repeatedly - up and down. Then suddenly your boyfriend appears and puts on a display of affection. And soon enough you two are on your bed together in a romantic situation. It’s all very coincidental, wouldn’t you agree? 

Dreams often use metaphors in their representations of our feelings and awarenesses. I would suggest to you that somewhere in your mind you have associated the motions of making love with those sensations you had - yes, as a kid - riding down the slides at school. Also, consider the angle of the slide. Does it remind you of anything? 

I think you had a good sex life with your ex-boyfriend. Maybe you miss some of the romantic adventures you shared! 


Dear Dream Doctor, 

Thanks so much for the input about my dream. I have a feeling you were right about the symbolic meaning!

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