my boss

I have been having dreams about my boss lately. I have worked with him for 4 years and consider him more of a friend than a boss. He lost his son in a car accident this past summer and his father about a month ago. I work within a small company where most co-workers are males (only 2 other females) and it is not unusual for me to hug a few of the guys or vice versa. This includes my boss.

Lately I’ve had dreams about him that involve hugs or wrapping one arm around each other, about waist level, while standing side by side. This has actually happened on occasion. Sometimes these dreams seem to just be nothing more than “normal” activity, and at other times they seem to take on a more “intimate” level. Nothing has ever gone beyond hugging or holding one another in the dream. At times my feelings in the dreams seem to be feelings of genuine friendship, and at other times (in the dreams) it seems like we are more than friends.

I’m wondering if this signifies a subconscious attraction, or something else in my life. I’m not aware of any physical attraction to this person. I genuinely like him as a friend and I think he is just a really nice guy. He and I are both married to someone else, so I know nothing would ever come of this, even if it were signifying an actual attraction. 


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