the affair

Dear Dazed and Confused -

Hey! Don’t worry so much about your dream! After all it’s just a dream, right? :-)

Sometimes dreams reflect back to us feelings that we are experiencing in ways that we aren’t entirely comfortable with. For example, people often dream about friends who are very close to them or family members dying. These dreams typically represent our own recognition that the relationship that we have with these people is growing or changing. Certain aspects of the friendship or love that we hold for them is changing. In this sense death is being used by our unconscious to represent change and transition, not that we really expect them to die, or want them to die.

In your case I think it is clear that you really like your softball coach. She probably is a great, very attractive person, on a personal, friendship level. It’s not uncommon to be attracted to people we like and admire, and that is about all the significance I would attach to your dream; that you are attracted to her and admire her. There may be a touch of sexual attraction, but you yourself have said that you aren’t inclined that way and in fact have a boyfriend whom you suggest you are quite happy with.

Don’t sweat the dream. Accept that you find your coach to be an attractive woman whom you admire, and enjoy your friendship. You’re fortunate to have her as a good friend, and I wouldn’allow your dream to interfere with that friendship.

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