the other woman

Hi Laura—

If he still "loves" you, he sure does have a strange way of showing it! Given the background you've provided, I think you may be better off keeping your eyes open (rather than closed and dreaming), as you try to make a decision about this man!

Do you find it significant that there is another woman in this strong dream of yours -- who confirms your ex-husband's love for you? The message of this dream may be heartfelt (your ex still cares for you), but complications also are indicated. Even in your dreams, you can't escape the presence of another woman!

What's the message of this dream -- especially when we consider your ex's recent marriage, and his unwillingness to disclose his new status to you? It's time to let him go, and it's time for you to start grazing in greener pastures. Your ex appears to be up to the same old tricks he was when you both split ways twenty years ago. He cares for you, but not enough to make a commitment, or to follow through on it.

Some people never change -- but that doesn't mean you have to be one of them! The sooner you realize this man doesn't give you what you need (and hasn't for over twenty years), the sooner you can begin to leave him behind emotionally, and allow a true love to enter your life.

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