boyfriend is a werewolf

As my dream starts I am looking at an apartment alone. The apartment is halfway underground, and the windows that are above ground have bars on them. Also, there is no door. I bring my boyfriend to look at it with me.

We decide to take the apartment, and then it comes about that whenever my boyfriend gets sexually aroused he starts to turn into a werewolf. It happens a couple times at this apartment and I cannot find anywhere to hide or escape from him (seeing there are bars on all the windows). I finally escape through a small hidden window I never saw before (this one does not have bars on it) and I manage to get free.

I am in a field running away from this apartment. I turn to see if he is following and when I turn back around I am not in the field anymore. It seems to be a city. I am not familiar with this city, but I am running through it like I am. I keep looking behind to see if the werewolf is behind me. When I realize he stopped chasing me I stop, and then suddenly my boyfriend is there. We start acting like nothing has happened.

We go to a party, and I recognize a lot of people I work with. Then this girl with long black hair walks in with just a pair of tan pants, a light blue bra, a sheer white top unbuttoned, and black boots. Also with sunglasses on. I remember feeling scared because I did not want my boyfriend to see her, because he would get aroused and turn into a werewolf.

Well he did, and he started ripping people’s faces off. That is the way he killed them. He turned around and saw me, and then he started chasing me again. He chased me thorough the streets, thorough an ice hockey rink, an amusement park with Halloween decorations, and a convention center. I remember anyone he killed would come back as a werewolf, so I would not know who was one and who wasn’t.

I remember that outside the convention center I stopped and saw a man running away with a teenage girl, trying to save her. (I work with this man and he also wants me to leave my boyfriend). This all seemed to be taking place in slow motion. Then I turned around and saw this huge, hairy and bloody claw coming right towards my face. All of the sudden I woke up scared to death. I couldn’t go back to sleep and I remember I had to close all the blinds and turn on the lights. I kept looking over my shoulder when I was doing this. 

—Letta, Age 28, Female, Single

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