boyfriend is a rabbit

Last night I had a very jumbled, but I feel, very significant dream. My boyfriend kept turning into a rabbit, and then back into a human. When he was a rabbit, he would turn very mad, and out of control, eating sharp objects and doing other things to endanger his life.

He was very difficult to control and I spent a great deal of time trying to manage him. I became aware that while he was with me (as a human) he was treating me like a princess, but I had been told or had found out (from one of my university professors!) that behind my back he was calling me names (like a whore) and being promiscuous.

Simultaneously, I went to visit my newly-married best friend. She had just come back from her honeymoon where she had to fly over all of these dangerous places, including Afghanistan. Despite this she was blissfully satisfied, and her new house was looking small but beautifully decorated. Although she had only just got married, she suddenly already had a 20-week-old baby in her bedroom.

In real life I have a boyfriend of one year with whom I am currently in a long-distance relationship, who gets frustrated with me for asking if he cheats all the time. I also have a best friend who got married two weeks ago. She has no baby. 

—Carrie, Age 24, Single, USA

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