travel guide

Hi Mary— 

Given the background you provide, we know you are trying to lift your marriage to a new level. Your dreams, unfortunately, reveal that it's hard work getting this lofty goal "off the ground!" 

Airplanes in dreams are familiar metaphors for attempts to reach "big destinations" in our lives. If we dream of being late for a plane, or that we arrive at an airport without our suitcase, passport, or tickets, these are familiar metaphors that show we feel unprepared as we embark upon our goal. 

In the first dream you are traveling, but never gain the satisfaction of arriving anywhere. In the second dream, your plane never leaves the airport. Both dreams are marked by chaos and confusion. Translation? Your recent return to your original honeymoon location, to recapture an earlier, more hopeful time in your relationship, appears to have left you less certain than ever of your ability to get your marriage "back on course." 

Your recurring dreams instruct us that you have not yet given up on your goal -- to reclaim some of the hopes, and dreams, that fill the sails of all romantic relationships. If you have not already visited one, a marriage counselor may be the "travel guide" you need, to help you and your husband define and achieve your goals for the future.

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