married boyfriend

Last night I dreamed that my boyfriend (who is hinting to me about getting engaged), was married, and that I knew the woman. I dreamed that she called me on my cell phone, then at home, telling me to leave him alone. Shortly after that, I dreamed that ALL my teeth were falling out, one by one, and I was really frightened!

He’s a very serious business man, and because of the distance, we hardly see each other, only on the weekends. He tends to work a lot, and always calls me from work, never from home at night. I do have his home phone # though, but I never call him. He said he fell in love with me right off. We’ve only known each other for about 3 months, and he’s ready to get engaged. I love him, and I’m not planning to say no and he knows it.

This exact type of thing happened to me once before. Are my dreams based on this relationship? Or is there something that my boyfriend is keeping from me? 

--Martha, Age 25, Newport Beach, CA, USA

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