the new me

In my dream I KNEW I was dreaming. (I’ve never had that happen to me before). In front of me there were some steps leading downwards. I looked down the steps and there was a empty tube-train waiting at the platform with its lights on. It was going to Wolverhampton and then I realised that the layout of the subway was in alphabetical order of place-names. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do. I got straight on the train to Tokyo. The dream changed. I knew I was in Tokyo and that I was going to see a future image of myself. Sure enough I saw my future self who was on her way to a film premiere party. I looked fantastic in a deep red coloured sleeveless dress and I wore my hair up in a wonderful style. I looked like a star. Someone asked my future self a question - my future self said “I never dreamed I would be so successful, I wish I had taken up acting years ago.” My future self then walked into the party where my engagement to the man of my dreams was going to be announced too, and my future self was also considering announcing the fact that I had just fallen pregnant too. My future self was really tremendously happy.

The dream changed again. Now I was in Basildon town centre. There was a dead severed hand clinging on to my left foot, but I felt comfortable with it, even kind of attached to it. My foot was itching as the dead hand was making my foot infected. I considered pickling it in a jar to preserve it, but decided that it was best to shake it off and leave it there. 

-Anonymous, Age 28, Basildon, ENGLAND

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