weddings and funerals

Hi Janice— 

No wonder these dreams have stuck in your mind! It’s not every night that we dream our wedding is a funeral! 

Death in dreams is a metaphor for change and separation. Accordingly, your first dream reflects the disappointment that naturally occurred when your relationship suddenly ended. Even though your relationship was not intimate or especially enduring, you nevertheless hoped that it might lead to a greater commitment. The contrast of the wedding with the funeral explains the confusion you felt when the courtship was over. Instead of attending a wedding (your hopes for a committed romance), instead you were attending a funeral (your relationship was “dead”). 

Your second dream reflects the social pressure that we all feel to be in a committed relationship. The bouquets of roses that are delivered to your co-workers represent their various romantic involvements. Your dream shows that you were feeling left out of the crowd: You are the only woman in the office who does not receive a bouquet! Because your relationship had just ended, the meaning of this dream is clear: You felt you would never find a partner! 

The hibiscus that is wilted and dry reflects feelings of low self-esteem (hurt feelings), that at the time needed to be nurtured. The dream also makes clear that some of your competitors’ smugness at having bouquets delivered to them was based on superficial hopes for the future. The bloom soon would be off their rose (their relationships would not endure), but your plant, if you cared for it and nurtured it, would grow into a healthy, beautiful flower. 

You inform us in your dream report that you have not dated for the last ten years. If your disappointment was great in the past, and you fear being hurt again, the memory of your dreams is encouraging you to take the risk of entering into a relationship again—with all the perils that attend (fears of rejection, incompatibility and hurt feelings)—balanced with your need for love, romance, and companionship. The reason your dreams are weighing on your mind is because you are 33 years old, the bio-clock is ticking, and you would like to find a partner to start your family. 

Translation? Your hibiscus has recovered, and is ready to bloom! Give your dreams plenty of sun, water and good soil, and let love grow!

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