weddings and funerals

I had these two dreams about 10 years ago, shortly after ending a relationship. It was a very short relationship, lasting about 2 months, and there was no intimacy involved. We simply went out from time to time. I haven’t been in a relationship since then, and the dreams have always bothered me.

The first one appeared to be a funeral, except that the guests were all dressed for a wedding. There were two caskets; one with me in it dressed in a wedding dress (and even holding a bouquet), the other contained the groom. I have no idea of his identity. We were lying in our caskets side by side. Then the minister came forward and said, “All rise,” and we both stood up. The minister proceeded to marry us as if there was nothing unusual. Then there was the usual wedding celebration.

In the second dream I was sitting at a desk in an office. There are other desks around with other people working. Then one by one there were deliveries of bouquets of roses to each woman in the office, and the women were all happy and excited. Then the deliveries stopped and I realized I was the only one that did not receive a bouquet.

I tried to hide the fact, but then someone noticed that I didn’t have any roses and they all began to laugh at me. Then a delivery came for me, but it was a potted plant, a hibiscus or something, and it was dried and wilted beyond belief. The other women began to make fun of it and make fun of me, so I began to cry.

Then someone came in and began to scold all the women for laughing at me. The person (I don’t know if it was a man or woman) said to me, “Don’t worry, if you water it and take good care of it, it will become healthy again and you will be able to enjoy it for years and years. All they have are cut roses, which will dry up in a few days and will be gone forever.”

I haven’t forgotten these dreams, and lately they seem to pop up in my mind frequently.

—Janice, Age 33, Single, USA

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