too big for the door

I am back in my old neighborhood where I grew up and used to live. All the houses on the street around me are very, very big—and oversized much more than normal. The houses are both taller and wider. I am my normal size. I am walking toward my house.

As I near my house I am walking up a steep hill. The hill is so steep that I never reach the top of it or reach my house. In the next part of the dream I am on a vacation by myself somewhere in a place on the water. My hotel is one of those where the rooms are entered from an outside balcony—the balcony overlooks the water. As I climb the stairs to the balcony I see a deer but it jumps away before I can have a good look at it. Then I notice a hippopotamus approaching me. This frightens me and I keep very still. The hippo comes very close and nuzzles me but does not hurt me or threaten me.

I walk on to find my room number and look back and see the hippo watching me find my room. I open the door with my key—I can see into the room but cannot enter the room because the doorway is much too narrow for me to get through. There are a lot of other people around, the balcony is crowded and someone suggests that I ask for another room. I reply that there probably would not be another room since there are so many people around and the hotel is crowded.

Suddenly I notice that I am totally naked among all these people. I start running naked up and down the balcony and make more attempts to enter my room but the doorway is still too narrow for me to get through. Next, while still naked, I find myself looking at the water. The water is filled with many fish and bigger fish are eating smaller fish. Some of the fish are very big and very ugly. After watching the fish for a while I continue running naked up and down the balcony and attempting to enter my room until I finally wake up.

The only thing in my real life that I can think of is that I have been upset and frustrated about my weight and the fact that many of my clothes no longer fit.

 —Emily, Age 52, Single, USA

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