I had a really peculiar dream last night, and I wondering if you could shed some light on the meaning of it.

Myself, Scott and Bill (two guys I work with), and Stacy (roomate from 1st year of college) all had to live in the same appartment. The appartment was an upstairs one and the dream mostly took place in the living room. The living room was dark and had ugly orange and yellow 70’s furniture in it. I was talking to Stacy about getting a satellite dish instead of having cable (Scott wanted it). All during the conversation I was feeling anxious about the time, because we had to get to work and it was my job to make sure she got there in time. Her family had expected me to do this, because she was depressed and wouldn’t get there on her own. We walked outside and the outside was a roof of a building where the car was parked. And I remember thinking, “how am I going to get the car down?”

Then the scene changes...We are at the side of the street. The whole street was elevated. Some lady with long brown hair and a tight black dress with a huge engagement ring was sitting there. Me, the lady, and a man (a highschool teacher I had a crush on), and another couple were all standing around talking. The lady was sitting in a white car with her legs crossed and sticking out of the car. I felt intimidated and jealous of her all at the same time. I remember she was trying to set the highschool teacher up with a lady to marry, and I got very anxious like I was running out of time and I felt very bad. At this moment the dream turned into 3rd person and I was watching myself talking to this woman. I saw myself turn to the lady and say, “You’re good - You are going to have to set me up with a husband! But not now I am too little.” And I turned away before she could answer. While I was saying that, I felt like a little girl even though I know I am 21. I even looked the way I did when I was 9 or 10 years old. As I was walking away, I remembered that the woman the highschool teacher was going to be set up with was already engaged and couldn’t marry him. So I felt a lot better, because I knew he couldn’t marry her.

Whew... long one huh? This marriage theme really bothers me, and I really need to know what all this means. I would really, really appreciate a response as soon as you could possibly get to it. Thank you in advance.

 --Yvonne, Age 21, USA

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