pregnancy test

My boyfriend and I were driving in a familiar area around my neighborhood where I live. We parked and decided to watch a movie. We got into the building, but the elevators weren’t working. Instead of waiting for the elevators, we walked up the stairs to the 6th floor and played a game of pool. Soon our friends were in the pool hall as well.

I was getting tired and decided to lie down and talk with my best friend while chewing gum. Then I became distracted by a picture on the wall of a woman’s organs—basically of the birthing process—with an unborn baby in her abdomen.

When it was time to leave, my boyfriend was paying for the hours of pool game time. Suddenly he noticed my urine sample on a plate with a black or blue dot, and it had a chart of the 9-month pregnancy calendar. It stated that I was 39.5 weeks pregnant! Yea right, because I have a great body to be 39.5 weeks!

When I saw it, I didn’t express any feeling. I was scared and nervous and wondered if I was just imagining the whole thing. Then it started to feel so real, so good, and my boyfriend was rubbing my stomach. I got extremely overjoyed at the good news. My boyfriend was even happier than I was. As we were walking towards his car, I spit my gum out, but because it was so liquidity, it stuck to the corner of my mouth. I was trying to rub it off my face, because I wanted to kiss my boyfriend to celebrate our announcement.

About myself: My boyfriend and I have been trying to have a baby for about a year, but without any luck. He is already a father of a newborn from another woman. We are living together. We plan on a Spring 2002 marriage, before I sacrifice six years of my life to obtain an MD degree (Ob/Gyn) at UCLA Medical College in Fall 2002.

There have been signs and symptoms of pregnancy in the past, but when I take the home test, it always turns out negative. Old wives’ tales say that when you are pregnant, your teeth weaken. A few weeks into this cycle, my teeth, jaw and mouth have been hurting painfully, and I’ve always had perfect teeth. I’ve also been craving sushi, which I used to hate so much!

My boyfriend wants me to take a test, but I don’t want to. I’m afraid of disappointing results.

—Catherine, Age 21, Single, USA

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