former husband

The dream begins with me in a car with my ex-husband. The car is one we had when we were married; he doesn’t have it anymore. We are at a recreation area near the river, close to where I am presently living alone.

My ex-husband stops the car and says that the brakes are not working well. He leaves the engine running and gets out of the car to go into a store for snacks. I wait in the car. As soon as he gets out, the car rolls back a little and stops. Then, mysteriously, it puts itself into drive and the accelerator quickly goes to the floor (very much like the movie Thelma & Louise.) The car heads for a tree, crashes through it, and goes over a cliff. While I am falling in the car and into the river, I am thinking and believing that I will be alright.

When the car hits the water, the water is very warm. I somehow get out of the car and swim a short distance to the shore. I walk up some stairs. At the top of the stairs is a woman and a little girl. I ask the woman for change to make a phone call. She gives this to me. I call my ex-husband and tell him what has happened and tell him to pick me up. Only a few minutes pass, and he is there to pick me up. The weird thing is that he is driving the car that plunged into the river, and it is fine. This is where the dream ends.

NOTE: My ex-husband and I have been divorced for almost 2 years. It was a nasty divorce. While we were married, he put me through much stress. He is a habitual liar and con-man. (Maybe this will help interpret.)

Also, I have recently begun a new relationship with a man I used to date in high school. He is recently divorced. Our relationship began quickly and we saw each other quite frequently. Lately, he told me he wanted to slow down. I am disappointed. Does this have anything to do with my dream.

—Anonymous, USA


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