dream lover

I’ve been divorced for 2 1/2 years. In the past five months, I started seeing (casually) a man. We’ve watched videos together with my kids and his, he’s helped around the house, we’ve gone dancing together. This is the first “relationship” I’ve had since the divorce. I’ve had MANY (every couple of nights or so) dreams about being with him sexually over the past 2 months, and whoo-ee! Is it great! It’s very realistic, down to the kissing, touching, climaxing, everything. Then I wake up, with vivid recollection of the dreams. Since I haven’t been intimate with anyone in a LONG time, this is rather frustrating! These dreams are surprising to me because we haven’t be sexual at all (he’s barely kissed me.) So, what’s up? Am I just excited? Do I want a relationship with him?

-“Dream Lover,” Age 37, California, USA

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