boiling over

Hi Emily—

What’s the message of this dream? Don’t let all that anger go to your head! It’s going to give you a headache at least, and may even raise your blood pressure -- past the boiling point!

Did you notice that your aneurysms manifest almost exactly like pimples in your dream? The only difference is that these blemishes to your appearance -- which keep popping up in your dream -- cause you to bleed dangerously.

Blood in dreams is a frequent symbol of emotional injury. Blisters and blemishes are symbols of emotional sore spots that we feel are about to burst, and that we fear will effect our appearance. Given the background you provide, we know that your relationship -- which currently involves a cat and mouse game of I’ll ignore you (pretend I’m asleep) to get you back for ignoring me (cheating with other partners) - is wearing on your emotional health. Indeed, your frustration appears to have reached a critical level. Your desire to get to the hospital is a clear sign that you need support!

Your dream is a clear sign that it’s time to begin reclaiming your calm and cool in life. Visit our stress assessment tests and then learn how to minimize the effects of stress in your life. Once you learn the basics of effective stress management, these dreams of frustration will stop.

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