blood sucker

Hi Pamela Lee—

It's another one of those confusing "body dreams" -- but this one has a clear message for you and your boyfriend.

Can you think of the significance of having huge ticks attached to the right side of your chest? Our chests, in real life, contain our hearts. Ticks also suck our blood, and blood is a vital fluid in the body. Is it a coincidence, then, that your dream occurred on the same night that you broke up with your ex? Was you relationship with your ex "draining the life force" (symbolized by your blood) from your heart?

Your dream shows that your relationship with your ex was physically and emotionally unhealthy. In your dream, you call upon friends for support, to help remove his presence from you. Nevertheless, this "transition stage" in your relationship (removing the ticks) is not without pain. The blood you shed in your dream symbolizes the pain you feel in your waking life.

What's the meaning of this dream? Before you become involved again in a relationship that is difficult to leave, think twice about the consequences of emotional attachment. If we let someone "under our skin," we want to make sure it's the right person!

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