Hi Jennifer -

Immaculate may be the conception you desire - at this point in your fertile career! Congratulations on your beautiful children.

Pregnancy dreams often are metaphors for spiritual or psychological growth. If we are in a period of transition and development, the dreams can represent our change of status symbolically. We are “pregnant” with a new passion or interest in life. We are “giving birth” to a new understanding of ourselves.

Judging from your dream report though, we know that many literal concerns (at least 4 we can count...) also weigh upon your mind. Raising 4 children, especially as a single mom, is not an easy lifestyle. The thought of another child? Well... It appears to be waking you up at night! And you’re waking up scared!

Literal concerns about the fertility cycle - from desires for children, to fears of delivery, to fears of unplanned pregnancy - are common in women’s dreams. Rather than reflecting a desire for more children (your sister’s theory), I believe your dream reflects your concerns about growing your family beyond its resources. In other words, the responsibilities of parenthood are weighing upon you - even in your sleep! (Join the club!)

I don’t know if it’s a good time in your life to bring another “member” into the family, but animals can be great friends to children - and to entire families. If you do get a puppy - find one that’s kid-safe!

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