a rocky beginning

Hi Jessie—

It's no fun waking up crying! Do you think it's possible to turn this sad dream around?

Recurring dreams are indicators that concerns we hold, often only at a subconscious level, are staying on our minds. You and your boyfriend got off to a rocky start, with a bit of dishonesty on both sides. Since then, we presume you both have grown, and learned the value of being open and honest with your partner. Nevertheless, your dreams of dishonesty and lying remain.

Your boyfriend has lied to you in the past about his drug use. Your dreams reveal that you still wonder, today, if you can trust him. Is he lying to you now? Can you be sure if he is telling you the truth?

If your boyfriend has a drug problem, then unfortunately, he most likely will try to conceal his use from you, because he knows you disapprove. He may need professional counseling, also, before he will be able to "kick" the cycle of dependence.

What's the message of this dream? If your boyfriend isn't able to make you feel comfortable about whether or not he's telling you the truth, it's probably time to trust your dreams, and your instincts, and move on. Once you do, these dreams will stop.

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