Hi Angela -

Welcome to the classic WARNING dream!

It is a familiar quality of our minds that we often become aware of disturbing qualities in others at a subconscious level, before the feelings and awarenesses make their way into our conscious minds. For example, if you began having the dream while you still were dating your ex, then this would be considered a classic “warning” dream. Your dream was showing you that something was wrong in the relationship - and that your personal safety was at risk - but it may have taken you some time to identify this danger in your waking life.

A common adage of dream interpretation is that feelings in dreams (as opposed to dream symbols) never are disguised. You write that in your dream you felt “extremely scared...as if in fear for my life.” In this case, however, the symbolic language of the dream - the knives hanging threateningly in your home’s kitchen - is not difficult to interpret. Knives cut people, and they can be used as weapons against us. I think you clearly felt threatened by your ex’s violent behavior. The symbology of the light in the dream is doubly illuminating. Once you were able to “see” your situation more clearly, you were able to remove yourself from the relationship and thus put an end to the threat.

The ability of dreams to warn us of negative relationships in our lives is one of their greatest gifts. Dreams typically help us to see our selves honestly and objectively - even when we may not like what we are seeing. In your case, I congratulate you for listening to your inner voice - as expressed by your dreams - and for having the self-esteem to choose healthy relationships in your life.

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