the other woman

Background information: My grandmother used to tell me about psychic experiences and dreams she had when I was a very young child. She would share them with me ... and then tell me that I was the only one who would understand what she was talking about, while others in the family would say that she was crazy.

I didn't understand, but since then I have had a few psychic experiences, mostly at a young age -- plus, I have experienced several dreams which I have never forgotten. I have since found out each dream holds a meaning that comes to me within a short period of time or several years after. The meaning of the dream described below still remains a mystery to me.

Two years ago, I dreamed about a man I was very much in love with over 20 years ago, whom I continue to have strong feelings for, and whom I still think of every day. I believe we were, and still are, meant to be together, as I had another dream about this man before we ever met where I saw him exactly as he looked when we did meet. I knew from this dream that I'd someday meet this man, fall in love with him, marry him, and we would be working together in his insurance business.

I recognized him immediately when we met, we did work together, and eventually we married. Five years later he told me that he felt like he loved another woman. I moved out of the house and to Northern California with my daughter, when I found out he was having an affair with the other woman.

Less than three weeks after I had moved away, he called me and eventually talked me into coming back home, by convincing me that we would make our marriage work no matter what it took. Then he walked out of the room during our second counseling session, after telling me he no longer had the same feelings for me. I then moved out of the house again, after he made the decision to file for a divorce that I didn't want.

He had several relationships that didn't work out after that, and I eventually re-married. We have seen one another only a few times over the past 20 years, and each time I see him the same strong feelings of love return. He has shown signs of the same feelings towards me, but approximately one month ago I learned he had gotten married again, a year ago, to a woman he had been living with for two years! Yet he hadn't said anything to me when we last saw each other, which was only two months ago!

Here's my dream:

Two years ago I had a dream where this same man was kneeling on the floor in front of me and was holding my face in his hands while looking into my eyes. He was telling me that he truly loved me. Then I saw a female figure appear in the distance who stated, as she slowly walked past me, "He really does."

When I awoke from the dream I could still feel his hands touching me and I could still sense his presence for a very long time after -- along with a strong feeling of warmth and love. When I've had dreams before -- where the memory of them has never left, even after I've discovered the meaning -- I've known in a very short time what the meaning of the dream was.

But I've never had a dream where I've felt the physical presence of a person after the dream for a long period of time. I also still haven't discovered the meaning of the dream. Could you please try to explain what this dream meant? Can one person enter another person's dreaming location?

—Laura, age 61, widowed, Huntington Beach, CA

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