boiling over

Background information: I am constantly fighting with my boyfriend, whom I have repeatedly cheated on. In my dream I had these types of aneurysms (or so they seemed in my dream) that would come to the surface of my head, like a blister. I would pop it and it would bleed and go away. I finally got one that surfaced on my forehead and I popped it and it bled so much I knew I had to go to the hospital.

I asked my boyfriend to take me and he pretended to be asleep. I was bleeding to death out of this aneurysm, and he was just sitting there pretending to be sleeping. I knew he was awake because when I asked him to take me, he would say, "I am asleep.” I woke up very angry and frustrated with him, even though (or so I think) the last big fight we had that day had been resolved.

—Emily, Age 21, Single, Ontario, Canada

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