ex-husband attacks me

I am a single mother of a 6-year-old daughter. Her father and I have been divorced about three years. I had this dream some months ago. Usually I can’t remember my dreams but this one has really stayed with me.

In my dream, my daughter and I had just gone to bed. The house was dark except for the light over the stove that I always keep on so the house won’t be absolutely dark. My daughter is already asleep and I’m just about to drift off to sleep when I hear a noise downstairs. I get up to see what the noise is and as I come downstairs I see a man dressed in all black with a black ski mask over his face (like from the OJ Simpson trial). He is just coming through our living room window.

I immediately begin fighting him because I’m afraid he’ll hurt me or my daughter. We are in the living room on the floor and I’m fighting him with all my strength. In the midst of the struggle his ski mask comes off and it’s my ex-husband! I am furious! Why would he sneak into the house like that! It’s really on now.

I fight him even harder because I’m mad that he scared us like that. He gets away from me and begins grabbing things and tries to throw them out of the window like a vase and other small objects that would be easy for him to get away with. I wrestle them from his hands just before he gets to throw them out the window.

I’m fighting him even harder and I’m more angry than anything. Why would he sneak in like a burglar when he could just ring the doorbell and ask for anything that he wants? I’m not that attached to material possessions and he can have it if he really wants it that badly. Then he tries to climb back out of the window and just as he begins to crawl out, I drag him back in and continue fighting him. I fought him so hard that I woke up sweating and breathing hard. I don’t remember anything else past that point or even if I won or lost the fight. We were still fighting when I woke up.


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