I have been married to my husband for 3 years now and dated him for 5 years. Before that though, I was involved in a very long relationship (10 yrs) to a very nice, loving, but irresponsible guy who was also an alcoholic. I didn’t realize he was at first, but when I did, I continued to date him as we were young and I thought he could “change,” etc. Needless to say, those many years were filled with a lot of traumatic, fearful, embarrassing, awful situations involving him highly intoxicated. When I finally made the “big break,” I felt so free! So free of the worries, the fear, the not-knowing-whens, etc. Anyway, on to my’s been well over 8 years since that part of my life and I’m now happy as can be. However, I continue to have these dreams about him and he’s rarely sober in them. They always involve a traumatic situation, such as him driving and almost wrecking while I’m in the car, etc. Or I’m screaming at him for the state he’s in, etc. It’s always an intense dream, full of fear, frustration, and anxiety. I don’t know why I continue to dream of him or those situations. I never think about him at all while I’m awake! Never! Will these ever go away? I know that it/he will have a lasting effect on my life, but I don’t want to dream about him or those horrible encounters. What do you think?!

--Anonymous, Age 34, USA

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