the dog man

Last night’s lucid dream was a nightmare. I am wondering about the symbolism. In it I was in a city as if on another planet, the sky was red. All the people wandering around this temple-like place were naked but wearing a variety of masks. Instead of being an observer, like I usually am, I was being kept in a side room by a male who had a mask that made him look like a dog man. It was so scary because I felt complete terror toward this man. Even though he was talking calmly, I had the impression that I needed to leave immediately and I was backing up when someone poked me sharply in the back with a sharp stick. This woke me up abruptly and some of the feeling remained as well as sounds that were disturbing.

Do you ascribe to prophetic dreams or “real” dreams or deja vu dreams, by the way? I’m not suggesting this last one was but I have had some that came true.

-- Gail

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