intruder in my bedroom

I have been having this dream for about 16 years. I usually have it once every 6 months or so, but I just had it last night and then again about two weeks ago—which is unusual. Also, I have just started a new relationship… although I have had the dream before I met this man.

In the dream I am sleeping in my bed and then suddenly I awaken to a presence in my bed. Sometimes I feel like I am levitating. I can feel whatever or whoever it is get upon my bed. It's like when a pet jumps onto your bed and you can feel the weight of it—but you don't need to see it to know something just hopped on your bed.

The presence is terrifying. It’s trying to touch me, and I want to get away from it, but I can’t move. It has called my name before, and it is a male voice. I also try to yell.

Sometimes I feel like I am falling to the floor to get away and can actually feel the carpet with my hands. But when I awaken I am in my bed.

Last night I asked God to wake me up and I told whatever or whoever was in my room to go away and it did. In the past I haven't done that. I just tried to wake myself up.

—Kimberly, Age 31, Divorced, Alpharetta, GA, USA

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