dream lovers

Hi Esme—

Can you say "wedding jitters"? Your dreams show you have a very strong case!

Judging from your dream report, we know your recent series of dreams -- while they may be pleasurable -- also are confusing. You are recently engaged, but now your nights are filled with dreams of strange, anonymous men. Despite your regret at knowingly cheating on your boyfriend, you sleep with these strangers time and again.

Whenever we experience recurring dreams, it is important to think back to when the dreams first began, to see what event occurred -- in our waking lives at the time -- that we feel may be related. In your case, it’s not hard to locate the connection between your recent engagement and the sudden onset of your dreams.

Because your dreams show you with faceless men (anonymous strangers) we know you do not have a specific attraction to another man in mind. Your decision in the dream to hide your feelings and your behavior from your fiancé, however, does suggest difficulty communicating with him. Is it time for a "heart to heart?"

If you feel that you are marrying before you have had sufficient time to “sow your oats” (explore meeting, and dating, a variety of people), your dreams may be sending you an important message. Is it too early for these nuptial rites to proceed? If you don't feel ready to settle down yet, an ounce of honesty today may save you pounds of heartbreak in the future.

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