my neighbor

Hi Cathy -

I wish I had a cup of water for every “infidelity” dream I receive - I could fill up all of my neighbor’s swimming pools!

I’m not sure what your neighbor did recently to provoke you - if that conversation you had was real or imaginary - but for some reason you are associating them with being instigators to wreck your marriage!

How often you have sex with your husband is nobody’s business but your’s and your husband’s. Also, I think the fact that you have three children under the age of four is pretty potent testimony to the fact that something, indeed, is going on at home.

Have you considered the fact that your neighbor may just be jealous of your happy, ultra-fertile home? Maybe the grass isn’t so green, after all, on the other side.

The Dream Doctor’s advice? Be kind to your neighbor - she may not be as happy as she makes out. As for your husband, keep doing all the things that have gotten you along this far together. It sounds from your dream report, and from the size of your growing family, that you two share a great marriage. Don’t let the “jealous crowd” rock your boat!

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