sick frog

Hi Anonymous—

Your dream reflects both your hopes and fears about your new relationship. Frogs in dreams (like lizards, turtles, and fish) are highly associated with babies, and are common in the dreams of pregnant women, or in women who are contemplating children in their lives. The reason why is because their small size and primitive stage of development is associated with the early growth of an embryo in the womb. Like babies, frogs also metamorphose from being small sperm-like creatures (tadpoles) into their final form.

Significantly, the bullfrog that appears in your dream is about the size of a baby. Babies in dreams—in addition to representing literal hopes and concerns—symbolize hopes for the future; new projects that we wish to nurture and give birth to. This sick frog, accordingly, is a disturbing symbol of your fledgling relationship. The frogs injured status reflects the doubts that, after a recent lapse of attention, you now hold for your romance. In the dream you think the bullfrog looks fake. Are you worried now if your relationship is “real”?

Your boyfriend attempts to fix the bullfrog, but when he turns it over, you see snakes crawling out of its underside. Snakes in dreams, owing to their shape, can symbolize male sexuality, but they also represent fears of emotional injury, and hold associations to duplicity and lying—someone who is a snake in the grass. The snakes are fascinating in the dream, but when a red one slithers toward you, you fear you may get bitten.

The meaning of your dream is that a red flag (red snake) has been raised in your perception of this lovers intention, and you fear you are about to be hurt. Will you please write us back, so we may learn the progress of your romance? Will this potential snake in the grass redeem himself? Will your baby romance survive?

Dear Dream Doctor—

I’m sorry to report that the outcome has been less than positive. I didn’t see him on Wednesday, nor has he called since Monday. I’m slowly getting over it, and I called today to leave him an upbeat message telling him that I understand that he’s had a change of heart and I would appreciate a call from him to leave things on a positive note. I’m sure he won’t call, but I do feel better in taking the high road.

My gut tells me that there’s someone else in the picture, and that he lacks the consideration, out of guilt, to tell me.

Hi Anonymous—

Congratulations on trusting your dream vision, and for seeing this man as a potential snake—before you got further involved. It’s time to move along, to find a partner who wants to build a true love. Your dream shows that your hopes for romance still are strong.

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