sick frog

In my dream I was doing something pleasant with my friends in an open, grassy field, when all of a sudden some people came running in with a serious problem. A huge bullfrog (it was the size of a baby, but it looked it was stuffed with plastic skin) was very ill, and needed attention.

They put the bullfrog on the ground in front of me and the guy I like started to attend to it. (He’s not a doctor or anything.) So he turned it over on its back and there were entwined snakes coming out of its belly (like Medusa’s hair). I was amazed looking at it, until one snake with red octagons started to slither towards me. I started to hyperventilate and needed to back up. Then I woke up.

I’m in a relatively new relationship with the guy from my dream. I knew him a long time ago, when at that time he seemed emotionally unavailable, like a player. I had zero interest in him at that time. We ran into each other after 14 years in December.

He came on strong, and made every effort to show me that he has grown since then. He called when he said he was going to, he wanted to see me often, we made plans. We had a lovely holiday season. Now (after New Years), something is amiss and I’m hoping to see him tonight to discuss it. Recently he knew that I was looking forward to seeing him on Thursday and he didn’t call at all. He did eventually call on Monday and we agreed to meet today. My friend thinks I should brace myself in case he blows me off again. (In which case, I’ll have to end it).

Believe me, I was completely hesitant about getting involved with him, but with all of his attentions and never faltering on his word... I became enchanted. The last guy I felt this way about was at least six years ago. Since then I’ve dated, but with extreme caution and a critical eye. If this doesn’t work out, I’m going to feel like a huge sucker.

 —Anonymous, Age 36, Single, Female, USA

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