human eggs

Hi Anonymous—

Thank you for providing so much detail and background for your dream. Given the information you have provided, I have to believe that your dream, because it focuses so much upon issues of fertility and birth, reflects your feelings about the recent news of your medical condition—especially the likelihood that you will be unable to bear children.

This news, I am sure, was “shocking.” So shocking, in fact, that I believe it explains the cause of the baby’s death in the dream. The mother in the dream appears to be a maternal or nurse figure—someone who tells you that these things, indeed, do often happen in our lives. A hospital setting (where your medical condition most likely was diagnosed), is also suggested by the bright, white light that fills your dream so dramatically.

The graphic image of the dead baby, who is split in half with his upper and lower bodies separated, is disturbing, yet significant. Upper bodies in dreams are associated with rationalism and the intellect. Lower bodies are associated with feelings and the body. Is there a separation in your own life now, between your head and your heart, with regard to your feelings about childbirth?

It is normal to watch our deep emotions become represented in our dreams, and this dream appears to represent the “death” of a future that you once imagined for yourself. In dreams and in waking life, however, we repeatedly learn that death is an opportunity for growth and new life. As you mourn the death of this dream, I still believe you have every reason to be confident and optimistic about your future—which remains full of mystery and hope.

Anonymous replies:

Dear Dream Doctor,

Thank you very much for the analysis. It really made a lot of sense. You made me realize that perhaps subconsciously I’ve been trying to ignore some of my feelings towards the medical condition and my infertility.

Your comment about separation of reason and heart is especially enlightening because that is very true for me in so many different ways. I have a hard time reconciling the two. Very often my head is guiding and my heart denying, or vice versa. I have this conflict towards many things. I also agree entirely that this dream represents the “death” of a future that I once imagined for myself. How very true. Many (not just one) of my dreams or future plans have been shattered, and it can make me very sad when I think about them. But now that I’ve examined those emotions in such a way through my dream, with the help of your interpretation, I feel better already. Thank you once again.

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