my career!

Hi Anonymous -

I don’t want to disappoint you, but I think your last sentence holds the kernal of insight into your dream!

Golf is a game of precision and control. We want to get a very small ball to behave with almost impossible response - to reach a target that is far off in the distance with the greatest economy of attempts. A few poorly executed swings, a momentary or sustained lapse of concentration, and chances are we have blown our efforts to shoot a great game. One reason why golf (and other sports) appeals to so many high achievers is because it’s a great metaphor for high achievement in the rest of our lives. You have to be consistently “on your game” to shoot a really good round, be it on the back nine - or in the board room.

I think your instincts regarding the meaning of the dream - “I hope it’s not my ‘biological clock’ ticking,” are sound. Something’s tugging at your desire to control your current game (career) plan, and when you go to investigate - lo and behold - you find a baby attached to that fishing line!

Your dream also contains an interesting phallic allusion. The wiffle balls are larger than regular golf balls, which makes them anatomically correct (or at least better proportioned) when placed alongside a golf club. But of course, it is the baby attached to the whiffle ball that reveals the ball’s symbolic association.

I think the inclusion of your friend from college in the dream also is significant. You two shared a highly defined “stage” of your life together - college - and now you are preparing to live together again, at a time when many of your contemporaries are moving in with their lovers or husbands - and beginning families. It would be normal to feel the “tugs” of peer and family pressure - to settle down and start a family - as you embark upon your current path.

You are not alone, among your female peers, about having mixed feelings about the next “stage” of life. (To read more about this topic, please see “Fear of Pregnancy” dreams in the Women’s section). On the other hand, I think your dream also is giving you a vivid foreshadowing of the great joy and profound bond that you will share with your future children (perhaps a boy and a girl?). Having children may wreak havoc with your golf game - but it also may give you a whole new perspective on the sport.

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