magic unicorn

Hi Lindsey—

It’s not everyday that you are handed a magic unicorn in a dream, nor is it everyday that a dream’s meaning is explained to you while you still are in it!

When your friend John died, an inner voice informed you it was just a dream, symbolizing your need to let go of your hopes for a romantic relationship with him. This understanding is confirmed by the appearance of the gypsy woman, who gives you a piece of magic—a dancing unicorn—to fill the hole in your heart.

Your understanding of your dream, all those years ago, was entirely accurate. The dream represents your awareness that, despite your hopes, you and John actually would never be together. After John recovers from his symbolic death, you show him the unicorn, and your mutual parting of ways is acknowledged.

A decade has passed since you first had this dream, but now, curiously, John has reappeared in your dreams, by your own description, “unbidden.” What is the meaning of this curious dream visitation? Is your dream a sign that you should make contact? Is John trying to communicate telepathically with you? Surprisingly, the answer to this question has less to with John than you may think. Instead, your dreams are caused by your current engagement, and your approaching nuptials.

As you prepare to commit your life to another man, your dreams show that you are taking one last look at the past. The meaning of your dreams is that your long-term fantasy—that you and John might someday be together—is about to die for good. Hence the dream that mourns his passing, and the recurring symbolism of the unicorn.

When the gypsy woman gave you the unicorn, she told you it was a gift of pure joy, to fill your heart as you released your hopes of being with John. Now that you are approaching your wedding date with your true life partner, the meaning of the unicorn finally is revealed. The “special gift” for which you have waited all these years is the space in your heart reserved for your fiance. Your love together will bring you “pure joy.”

What’s the meaning of this dream? It’s time to lay these old fantasies to rest, and to begin letting that unicorn in your heart—symbol of your love with your fiance—begin to grow and play. Congratulations of your upcoming nuptials!

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