las vegas

Hi Heidi—

Given the background you provide, it appears that you have associated Las Vegas with your divorce! Divorce is a destination that seems perpetually out of reach in your waking life, while Las Vegas, similarly, is forever out of reach in your dreams.

In your waking life you are experiencing the same frustration that you feel in your dreams. Just when you think you’ve gotten there (divorce), it turns out you haven’t (you get another letter from the lawyers). Or when you do get there, it doesn’t look like you know it should. (You still receive letters or phone calls from your husband’s friends, who can’t seem to understand the meaning of the word “over.”)

During this same period, you also have been frustrated professionally. This is another area where you have been “trying to reach destination” (a career goal), but, until recently, you were unsuccessful.

Your association to Las Vegas clearly is monetary, though I suspect Las Vegas also holds other meanings for you—including power and independence. As you have struggled with divorce proceedings and an unhappy work situation, you almost certainly have longed for “change in status” in your life. Accordingly, Las Vegas, where you have won money before, may allude to the money you expect to “win” in a divorce settlement, but it also most likely represents your broader goals of empowerment and independence.

Have you recognized the positive change that occurred in your dreams just last night? Dresses in dreams represent our selves—our self-expression, and our personal style. On your most recent journey to Vegas, you stop to buy a new dress. Shopping itself is an act of empowerment, and trying on a new dress is a sign that you are indeed moving forward in your life personally, excited about the future, and allowing yourself to enjoy “putting on a new role.”

The cause of this dream has to be your excitement about your new job, which you start in just a few weeks. The bridge that you cross is yet another symbol of transition. (Bridges take us from one location to another). Finally, it is very significant that you are not so driven to arrive on the strip—to arrive at your lucky spots. If your new job has given you a positive outlook on the future, and if it has eased some of your financial concerns, then this is the cause for this welcome change in your dreams. You are “in Vegas,” and you know you are going to get where you want to go.

What’s the meaning of this new dream? With a new job tucked under your belt, you are much more confident that you will indeed arrive at this long sought after location of empowerment and independence. Congratulations on reaching this important turning point in your journey! It’s been a long trip, and you deserve to win the jackpot!

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