my old professor

Hi Carolyn—

Whenever dreams have us meeting people whom we hold in high regard, who treat us well and who compliment us, it is a sign that our self-esteem is on the rise. The reason why? We are receiving approval from a person whose opinion is valuable to us. Accordingly, your dream really isn’t about your old professor as much as it is about yourself. We know from your dream that you are feeling good about your recent decision to switch careers.

People who hold a high status in our minds function as gauges of our self-esteem in dreams. If a celebrity treats us well (or a former college professor whom we admired), the dream is letting us know that we feel we are of equal status with these people. We have "made the grade." On the other hand, if a celebrity refuses to see us, treats us poorly, or if we never are able to make contact with him or her, then these are signs that we believe we have failed to "reach their level."

Your decision to switch your career—from being a musician to pursuing the new job and educational path that you have chosen—most likely was difficult. In the dream you want to tell your old professor about your career change, but you don't. The reason why these words remain unspoken in the dream is because you are unable to communicate this information to him in your waking life, because you currently are not in touch.

Are you feeling good about your career decision? Was it difficult for you to switch from studying music to your new career field? Would you value this former professor’s opinion and blessing as you pursue your new career? Your dream suggests that the answers to all these questions is yes.

Dear Dream Doctor—

Thank you very much for the interpretation. It does make perfect sense to me.

Right before I had that dream, I had put on my first fundraiser (I'm a development director) ever. I was concerned with how well it would go. I know that we didn't make a lot of money, but a lot of people came and had a great time, and I received a lot of praise for it. I must of had that dream the next night. I really do appreciate your time.

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